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The Datasheet page provides all the constructive characteristics and simulation results of a magnetic component design. This section shows a complete overview of the complete design helping you to review and verify the design. The Datasheet is automatically generated and updated everytime you run a simulation, and it can be downloaded in a PDF file.   image-1647521369547.png

Also you can share the file with other users, and they will have access to the datasheet section as well  .image-1647521669381.png


If you share an encrypted file, the other users will only have access to the simulation results from the Datasheet

In the top rectangle you can check the project and file information  image-1647521855348.png

Simulation results image-1647521917171.png

This section provides the information about the toplogy chosen image-1647521967506.png, waveforms image-1647527025992.png and performance review image-1647527115852.png.

The performance box will allow you to check the more critical outputs: Temperature, Leakage Inductance, Rac, Total Losses, Core losses and Winding losses.

  In the bar graph you can compare the winding and core losses. A well designed component should have similar values for Core and Winding losses.

Mechanical Overview image-1647527853205.png

Schematic image-1647528544435.png

Coming soon

Dimensions and Pinout image-1647528619754.png

Coming soon


Winding window image-1647528680321.png

Here you can see the representation of the windings within the window, in addition to the margin tape and isolation.


Bill of Materials image-1647528893003.png

The bill of materials table will be automatically generated and you can export it into an Excel image-1647528956641.png or PDF file. image-1647528981632.png

The table provides an extended breakdown of all the material needed. The last column can be filled by your assigned engineer after verifying your design, with alternative materials that could replace the original ones.


Assembly instructions image-1647529413954.png

In this section you can fin the necessary instructions and information for correctly manufacturing your magnetic.

Gap  image-1647529549043.png

Specifications about the gap that was set using the Inductance Calculator from the Core page.

Isolation image-1647529582700.png

Creepage and clearance requirements.

Finishing and others image-1647529634347.png

Coming soon


Winding distribution image-1647529708708.png

The winding distribution table can also be downloaded as PDF or Excel file. It contains all the information about how to arrange properly the windings. Extra information (grey columns) may also be added by the engineer after reviewing the design. The empty boxes that you can find below the table  image-1647529900312.pngcan be filled with additional comments or pictures in order to clarify or remark a specific step in the assembly proccess.


Validation image-1647530043259.png

The validation section of the overview summarizes the tests and measurements that must be carry out to correctly characterize the magnetic.

Common validation tests are the Inductance measurements of the diferente windings, the DC resistance of the different windings, the leakage inductance shown from the primary and isolation tests like the HI-Pot test between windings and between the windings and the core. 

Verification image-1647530081639.png

The verification button located on the bottom right corner allows to initiate the verification process of the design.

The verification process consists on a a review of the design attending the mechanical, constructive and electromagnetical requirements that ensure the design is suitable and manufacturable. 

Once the verification process is initiated the simulation will be blocked, it means non constructive modifications on the design will be allowed. Besides, a Frenetic's engineer will receive acces to your design to carry out the review and ensure it is appropiate to go to manufacture. 

The verification process goes through different stages, at any moment, the verification button will indicate the status of the verification request.

If it is required, the Frenetic's engineer can propose modifications and improvements on the design. this modifications must be approved by the owner who requested the verification. 

Once a design is verified, it is ready to be manufactured, allowing to order samples or to go to mass production.