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Core Optimizer


In the Core Tab you will be able to compare different cores in order to find the one that best suits the needs of your magnetic component.

The Core Optimizer has a tabulator that allows you, on the one hand, to compare specific volume and Turns and, on the other hand, to compare Core Losses and Turns.

Ve vs. n Turns

This section has different inputs that will help you define the specifications to achieve the optimal core.

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Firstly, you can enter the values of the Bpeak Limit, Core Loss Target or both. Next, you select the Family Shape and the Material that your magnetic component requires. After entering all the parameters click on Plot Selected Cores and the plot will be drawn. If you click on the different points you will be able to see the outputs generated by those cores and, in this way, choose the one that suits you best.

Cores with higher specific volume will have a very small power density and cores with many turns will have a very high power density value. It is advisable to choose a middle ground between the two so that it does not reach a very high temperature or price.

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Core Losses vs. N Turns

In this section we can test different operation conditions and compare different shapes and materials.

image 35.jpg

Firstly, you should introduce the BPeak Limit value. Then you can select the Core type and material you would like to analyse.

After selecting all the required inputs, click Plot Selected Cores to draw the graph. If you click any of the dots, you will be able to see the outputs generated by them in your simulation and this way select the optimal core for your design.

image 37.jpg

The graph shows the evolution of the core losses as you increase the nº of turns: if you increase the turns you reduce the magnetic flux and therefore you reduce the core losses and viceversa.

You can also check different operating conditions by changing the output voltage in the waveform section, clicking update waveform and in the optimizer tab clicking plot again. Another line will be plotted in the graph in a different colour so you can compare it to the previous one. This can be done with any input parameter in the waveform as well as with different cores or materials.

When you find the Core you want to choose, simply click Apply and automatically the core specs will be applied to the Core tab.

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